EN 12715:2000

Execution of special geotechnical work – Grouting

Standard Number BS EN 12715:2000
Title Execution of special geotechnical work. Grouting
Publication Date 2000-09-15
International Relationships EN 12715:2000
Descriptors This standard is applicable to the execution, testing and monitoring of geotechnical grouting work.
Grouting for geotechnical purposes (geotechnical grouting) is a process in which the remote placement of a pumpable material in the ground is indirectly controlled by adjusting its rheological characteristics and by the manipulation of the placement parameters (pressure, volume and the flow rate).
Keywords Soil mechanics, Grouting, Foundations, Site investigations, Design, Stabilized soils, Soils, Construction materials, Safety measures
Title in French Execution des travaux geotechniques speciaux. Injection
Title in German Ausfuehrung von besonderen geotechnischen Arbeiten (Spezialtiefbau). Injektionen
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