EN 14731:2005 Execution of special geotechnical works - Ground treatment by deep vibration

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BS EN 14731:2005
Execution of special geotechnical works. Ground treatment by deep vibration
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EN 14731:2005
This European Standard is applicable to the planning, execution, testing and monitoring of ground treatment by deep vibration achieved by depth vibrators and compaction probes. The following types of treatment are covered by this European Standard:
— deep vibratory compaction to densify the existing ground;
— vibrated stone columns to form a stiffened composite ground structure by the insertion of granular material which itself shall be densified. Generally, stone columns have a diameter greater than 0,6 m and lower than 1,2 m.
Soil mechanics, Construction operations, Compacting, Site investigations, Vibrators (compacting), Compacting equipment, Vibration, Foundations, Structural systems
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Execution de travaux geotechniques speciaux. Amelioration des massifs de sol par vibration
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Ausfuerung von besonderen geotechnischen Arbeiten (Spezialtiefbau). Baugrundverbesserung durch Tiefenruettelverfahren
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