1 General

1.1 Scope

1.1.1 Scope of EN 1997

(1) EN 1997 shall be used in conjunction with EN 1990:2002 that establishes the principles and requirements for safety and serviceability, describes the basis of design and verification and gives guidelines for related aspects of structural reliability.

(2) EN 1997 shall be applied to the geotechnical aspects of the design of buildings and civil engineering works. It is subdivided into various separate parts (see 1.1.2 and 1.1.3).

(3) EN 1997 is concerned with the requirements for strength, stability, serviceability and durability of structures. Other requirements, e.g. concerning thermal or sound insulation, are not considered.

(4) Numerical values of actions on buildings and civil engineering works to be taken into account in design are provided in EN 1991 for the various types of construction. Actions imposed by the ground, such as earth pressures, shall be calculated according to the rules of EN 1997.

(5) Separate European Standards shall be used to treat matters of execution and workmanship. They are denoted in the relevant sections.

(6) In EN 1997 execution is covered to the extent that is necessary to comply with the assumptions of the design rules.

(7) EN 1997 does not cover the special requirements of seismic design. EN 1998 provides additional rules for geotechnical seismic design, which complete or adapt the rules of this Standard.

1.1.2 Scope of EN 1997-1

(1) EN 1997-1 shall be used as a general basis for the geotechnical aspects of the design of buildings and civil engineering works.

(2) The following subjects are dealt with in EN 1997-1:

(3) EN 1997-1 is accompanied by Annexes A to J, which provide:

  • — in A: recommended partial safety factor values; different values of the partial factors may be set by the National annex;
  • — in B to J: supplementary informative guidance such as internationally applied calculation methods.

1.1.3 Further Parts of EN 1997

(1) EN 1997-1 is supplemented by EN 1997-2 that provides requirements for the performance and evaluation of field and laboratory testing.

Eurocode 7 Geotechnical design Part 1 : General rules