10 Site Records

10.1 Records in connection with the execution

For permanent sheet pile wall structures, site records concerning all particulars during the supervision, testing and monitoring as described in clause 9, shall be available at the construction site.

10.2 Records at completion of the execution works

In the final site records the following shall be included :

  • the 'as built' position of the sheet pile wall structure relative to fixed reference points or lines including auxiliary structures which remain in the ground;
  • list with important information regarding use, maintenance and inspection of the structure;
  • information prescribed in the design report with respect to groundwater levels and pore-water pressures;
  • particular directives regarding management after completion of the work if deemed necessary because of observations made during the execution;
  • directives for the maintenance of drainage systems, methods to be used and frequency;
  • surcharge restrictions behind the wall;
  • displacements of the sheet pile wall during execution;
  • events which had an adverse effect on the execution and how these effects were dealt with;
  • damage records of nearby buildings;
  • driving and load test results.

11 Special Requirements

11.1 Safety

11.1.1 During the execution of the sheet pile wall structure, the European and national standards, specifications or statutory requirements regarding safety, shall be respected.

11.1.2 Equipment shall be in accordance with EN 996:1995.

11.2 Impact on the surrounding buildings and installations

When in the vicinity of the construction site, there are structures and installations which are vulnerable to constructional damage, the conditions of these structures shall be carefully observed and documented prior to the execution works.

During sheet pile driving or extraction by impact or vibrators, the relevant buildings shall be monitored regularly.

11.3 Noise hindrance

Special precautions shall be taken to ensure that the noise loads do not exceed the limit prescribed by international or national directives.

11.4 Permeability of sheet pile walls

11.4.1 Procedures for reducing the permeability of sheet pile walls and the tests, if required, shall be selected in accordance with the design.

11.4.2 When very strict requirements regarding the permeability of the sheet pile walls are specified in the design, it shall be shown that all activities, materials and procedures, deemed necessary to satisfy these requirements, are in conformity with the performance criteria specified in the design. When no comparable experience is available, representative tests on sealed interlocks shall be carried out, demonstrating that the proposed method satisfies the specified discharge requirements (see annex E).

EN 12063-1999 Execution of special geotechnical work – Sheet-pile walls