4 Information needed for the execution of sheet pile walls

4.1 General

The following information shall be made available before the execution of the sheet pile wall structure commences

  • location maps of the construction site, including access roads and possible hindrances;
  • level and position of fixed reference points at or near the construction site;
  • limitations concerning the access for equipment and materials;
  • location of all services such as electricity, telephone, water and gas supply pipes and sewers;
  • geotechnical data of the construction site;
  • composition and stratification of the ground and its variation across the site;
  • strength and deformation properties of the soil and rock layers;
  • the possible presence of stones and boulders in the ground;
  • the possibility of cohesive soils adhering to the piles when extracted (see 8.11);
  • hydrogeological data of the area in which the construction site will be situated;
  • specifications of the sheet pile walls, including all details such as type, profile, grade, protection and preservation systems and also whether any fixings of the interlocks are required to ensure transmission of the longitudinal shear forces;
  • presence of sensitive buildings and/or installations in the vicinity of the construction site;
  • restrictions concerning noise and vibrations;
  • restrictions concerning driving method and driving assistance;
  • restrictions regarding the permeability of the sheet pile wall for water or other fluids;
  • various stages of the execution of the sheet pile wall structure required by the design;
  • in the case of waterfront structures; the water levels and their fluctuations (amplitude, frequency and the cause of the fluctuations, e.g. discharge of a barrage, tide etc.);
  • data regarding possible soil contamination;
  • a list of any identified specific items to be investigated (see 4.2).

4.2 Specific

4.2.1 The following specific information shall be made available before the beginning of the works :

  • all specific design information which is important to the execution;
  • restrictions related to the presence, at or near the site, of ground anchors, cathodic protection devices and similar;
  • the history of the building site: presence of foundation remnants or other artificial elements in the ground.

4.2.2 Information about the following matters should be made available before the beginning of the work :

  • special aspects particular to the project, such as corrosion and abrasion problems;
  • comparable experience from works in the neighbourhood or from similar works carried out under similar conditions;
  • the condition of nearby buildings, structures or installations and the nature and depth of their foundation;
  • data about adverse weather conditions, for example, wind conditions and frequency;
  • severe frost action in the ground, where this can lead to overstressing of the sheet pile wall.

5 Site investigations

5.1 Soils and rock investigation

When additional soils and rock data are required for the selection of driving methods, procedures, equipment, auxiliary structures etc. or for checking the execution, the investigation shall comply with clause 3 of ENV 1997-1:1994.

5.2 Driveability of sheet piles

5.2.1 When driveability is investigated, account shall be taken of any restrictions in the design regarding techniques to assist driving (for instance jetting or pre-augering).

5.2.2 When no comparable experience exists, it is recommended that one or more driving tests are carried out before the sheet pile work commences.

NOTE The driving data obtained from the test is used to improve the efficiency of the driving operations and to confirm the choice of the profile. It indicates if driving assistance is necessary and what the influence on soil properties and other important matters might be. A driving test can also indicate if it is possible to use rock dowels.

6 Materials and products

6.1 Steel sheet piles

6.1.1 New sheet piles shall comply with EN 10248-1:1995 and EN 10248-2, EN 10249-1:1995 and EN 10249-2:1995 and EN 10079:1992.

6.1.2 Re-used sheet piles shall, as a minimum, comply with the design specifications concerning type, size, quality and steel grade.

6.1.3 Tubes used for primary elements of a combined wall shall comply with EN 10219-1:1997 and EN 10219-2:1997.

6.1.4 Special connectors such as those shown in figure B.4, shall comply with EN 10248-1:1995 and EN 10248-2:1995.

6.2 Timber sheet piles

Permanent timber sheet pile wall structures in water bearing soils shall be of a high durability class such as tropical hard wood and pine wood which is impregnated (see annex F).

6.3 Other materials and products

All other materials and products (including the backfill), shall meet the design specifications.

6.4 Corrosion protection for steel sheet piles and preservation of wooden sheet piles

Paints, coatings and other means of corrosion protection of the steel elements and the preservation treatment of wooden sheet piles, shall comply with the design specifications.

6.5 Sealings for interlocks

6.5.1 Sealing materials for reducing the permeability of the interlocks when required, shall comply with the design specifications.

6.5.2 When permeability requirements are very strict it should be demonstrated by realistic tests on sealed interlocks, that the proposed product satisfies the design specifications.

EN 12063-1999 Execution of special geotechnical work – Sheet-pile walls