8 Execution of sheet pile wall structures

8.1 General

8.1.1 The sequence of executing the sheet pile wall structure shall be carried out in accordance with 7.4.

8.1.2 If the agreed sequence of the works cannot be maintained, a revision which meets the requirements of 7.4 shall be established in compliance with the design.

8.1.3 Each sheet pile should be referenced.

8.2 Site preparation

8.2.1 The site shall be prepared in such a way that operations can be carried out safely and efficiently.

8.2.2 The execution and use of auxiliary structures shall be in accordance with 7.3.

NOTE Access roads and mooring facilities to the construction site may have to comply with special regulations of the statutory authority.

8.3 Storage and handling of the sheet piles

Information regarding the storage and handling of steel sheet piles is given in annex A.

8.3.1 Handling and storage of the sheet piles on the site shall be carried out in such a way that significant damage to the straightness of the sheet piles, to the interlocks and to the coatings, does not occur.

8.3.2 The specific directives given by the sheet pile suppliers for handling and storing the sheet piles should be followed.

8.3.3 Sheet piles should be stored in such a way that they can be lifted easily in the sequence of use.

8.3.4 Sheet piles of different types and steel grade shall be stored separately and marked properly.

8.3.5 Storage and handling of straight web sheet piles shall be carried out with utmost care in order to avoid distortion of the profiles.

8.3.6 When storing precoated steel sheet piles, spacers shall be inserted between the individual sheet piles in a stack (see annex A).

8.3.7 Primary elements for a combined sheet pile wall shall be stored and supported on wood or a similar soft material placed between the elements in order to avoid permanent distortion of the profiles.

8.3.8 Primary elements of a combined wall should be handled using non-metalic straps or slings in order to prevent damage to the coating and to the connectors fixed to these elements.

8.3.9 The length and stiffness of the individual sheet piles shall be taken into account when assessing the number and positions of the supports to a stack of sheet piles to avoid sagging which may cause permanent deformations.

8.3.10 Special devices for lifting and positioning the sheet piles should be used, such as shackles, welded lifting hooks and similar, in order to avoid damage to the sheet piles and in particular to the interlocks.

8.3.11 When remote release shackles for lifting the sheet piles are used, their operation shall be verified before use.

8.3.12 Friction grip devices can release unexpectedly and therefore shall not be used for the handling of sheet piles unless additional safety measures are taken.

8.3.13 If preservation or corrosion treatment of sheet piles and other elements is carried out at the construction site, precautions shall be taken to ensure that storage and application of products and materials shall be in accordance with local regulations on health, safety and environmental aspects.

EN 12063-1999 Execution of special geotechnical work – Sheet-pile walls