10 Records

10.1 The records shall be in accordance with ENV 1997-1.

10.2 The site records shall consist of two parts.

Part 1: References and general information regarding:

  • the type of pile;
  • the execution method; and
  • the reinforcement and concrete specification, steel quality, timber quality. Part 2: Particular information related to the execution procedure.

10.3 The general information part shall be similar for the different types of piles and construction methods and shall contain the details listed below.

site location X
contract identification X
structure X
main contractor (X)
foundation (piling) contractor X
client/employer (X)
engineer/designer (X)
pile type/size / quality X
execution method X
reinforcement details (X)
concrete specification (X)
concrete placement details (X)
prefabricated pile manufacturer (X)
material quality (X)

X necessary information

(X) information as applicable

10.4 The particular information part shall be specific to the type of pile and the construction method and should contain the details listed in Table 2 below.

Table 2
Data Prefabricated displacement piles Cast in place displacement piles
Pile reference number (location) X X
Pile type X X
Nominal dimensions X X
Length of prefabricated pile X (X)
Date and time of driving, redriving X X
Date of concreting (manufacturing) (X) X
Depth from ground level at pile position to pile toe X X
Toe level X X
Pile head level as constructed X X
Pile cut-off level X X
Type, weight, drop and mechanical condition of hammer and equivalent information for other equipment X X
Number and type of cushion used and type and condition of follower used during driving of the pile X X
Length and details of reinforcement (X) X
Final set of pile or pile tube in millimetres per 10 blows or number of blows per metre or part of metre penetration X (X)
Concrete mix or grade X X
Volume of concrete supplied to pile. X
All information regarding obstructions delays and other interruptions to the sequence of work X X
Number and location of joints (X) (X)
Length of permanent casing or liner (X)
X necessary information
(X) information as applicable


10.5 The additional particular information details listed in Table 3 below should be recorded.

Table 3
Data Prefabricated displacement piles Cast in place displacement piles
Standing groundwater level from direct observation or given site investigation data (X) (X)
Ground level at pile position at commencement of installation of pile (commencing surface) (X) (X)
Working platform level (X) (X)
The sets taken at intervals during the last 3 m of driving (X) (X)
Temporary compression (elastic deformation) of ground and pile from time of a marked increase in driving resistance until pile reached its final level (X) (X)
Diameter and length of prebore/precore (X) (X)
Depth and type of driving assistance (X) (X)
Details of any surface coatings (X) (X)
Pore pressure readings (X) (X)
Inclination readings (X) (X)
Lateral movements (X) (X)
X necessary information
(X) information as applicable


10.6 As appropriate, the information can be provided in the form of:

  • individual records compiled for each pile; or
  • summary records for groups of piles of the same type, executed with the same method.

10.7 Details of recording and the format of the site records shall be agreed before the commencement of the piling.

10.8 All records shall be signed by the contractor's representative and by the client's representative unless otherwise agreed.

11 Specific requirements

11.1 During the execution of displacement piles, the national standards, specifications or statutory requirements shall be complied with.

11.2 Safety

Safety aspects including:

  • security of the site;
  • operational safety of driving and auxiliary equipment and tools;
  • safety of the working practices;

shall be complied with. Equipment should be in accordance with EN 996 and EN 791.

Particular attention shall be given to all processes requiring personnel operating alongside heavy equipment and heavy tools.

11.3 Noise and vibration hindrance

Where people in the neighbouring might be exposed to noise and/or vibration, the expected levels of noise and/or vibration should be shown either by test driving or by comparable experience, and the acceptability of the process evaluated. Where necessary, monitoring during execution of the works should be undertaken to confirm that the levels are kept within agreed limits.

11.4 Environmental damage (pollution)

11.4.1 Environmental damage that can be caused by the piling work shall be kept to levels given.

11.4.2 Such environmental damage can be caused by e.g.:

  • ground pollution,
  • surface water pollution,
  • groundwater pollution,
  • air pollution.


NOTE The kind and extent of possible nuisance or environmental impact depends on e.g.:

  • the location;
  • the soil conditions;
  • the choice of pile installation process and sequence.

11.5 Impact on the surrounding structures and slopes

Where sensitive structures, installations or unstable slopes are present in the vicinity of the site or possible sphere of influence of the piling works, their condition should be carefully observed and documented prior and during to the execution of the piling works.

EN 12699:2001 Execution of special geotechnical work – Displacement piles