BS EN 12716:2001 Execution of special geotechnical works — Jet grouting

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BS EN 12716:2001
Execution of special geotechnical works. Jet grouting
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EN 12716:2001
This Standard is applicable to the execution, testing and monitoring of jet grouting works. Design considerations, strictly related to jet grouting works only, are given in clause 7. More general requirements that could be included in, or substituted by clauses of future editions of Eurocode 7 are listed in Annex A.
Soil mechanics, Grouting, Foundations, Site investigations, Design, Mechanical testing
Title in French
Execution des travaux geotechniques speciaux. Colonnes, panneaux et structures de sol-ciment realises par jet
Title in German
Ausfuehrung von besonderen geotechnischen Arbeiten (Spezialtiefbau). Duesenstrahlverfahren (Hochdruckinjektion, Hochdruckbodenvermoertelung, Jetting)
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