10 Records

10.1 General

10.1.1 Details of recording and the format of the site records shall be agreed before the commencement of micropile works.

10.1.2 All records shall be signed by the contractor's representative and by the Client's Technical Representative unless otherwise agreed.

10.2 Records for the execution of construction micropiles

10.2.1 The site records shall consist of two parts:

The first making reference to general information on the contract and to site conditions, including:

  • a) the micropile (type, dimensions, etc.);
  • a) the reinforcement and grout, mortar or concrete specification;
  • b) the construction method.

The second part shall contain particular information related to the construction of each micropile.

10.2.2 The general information part should be similar for the different types of micropiles and construction methods and should contain the details listed in Table 1 and Table 2.

10.2.3 The part of particular as–built information for each micropile should contain the details listed in Table 3.

10.2.4 As appropriate, the information can be provided in the form of:

  • individual records;
  • summary records for groups of micropiles of the same type, installed with the same construction method.
Table 1 — General information concerning the site
No. Information Necessity
1 Micropile contractor X
2 Site name, location X
3 Client/employer (X)
4 Contract identification X
5 Main contractor (X)
6 Working drawing n° (X)
7 Micropile works: quantity X
8 Top end of bearing element (X)
9 Reference level of site X
10 Level of working platform X
11 Ground water level (X)
12 Client's Technical Representative X
X Necessary information.
(X) Information as applicable.


Table 2 — General information concerning the micropile construction
No. Information Necessity
1 Micropile type X
2 Micropile diameter X
3 Reinforcement details X
4 Spacers (X)
5 Grout, mortar or concrete specifications X
6 Grout, mortar or concrete placement X
7 Drilling / driving method X
8 Drilling / driving equipment X
9 Drilling fluid (X)
10 Groundwater / soil pollution (X)
X Necessary–information.
(X) Information as applicable.


Table 3 — Schedule of as–built information to be provided as applicable
No. Information Necessity
1 Micropile reference number X
2 Date of execution X
3 Installation time X
4 Interruptions of installation (X)
5 Obstructions (X)
6 Depth of micropile X
7 Depth of casing (X)
8 Length of reinforcement X
9 Level of top of reinforcement X
10 Number and location of joints or welds (X)
11 Number and distance of spacers (X)
12 Data on borehole testing and pregrouting (X)
13 Grout, mortar or concrete placement volume X
14 Grout, mortar or concrete placement pressure X
15 Grout, mortar or concrete site tests (X)
16 Volume or diameter of base enlargement (X)
17 Multi–stage grouting procedure (X)
18 Construction deviations: position X
19 Construction deviations: inclination (X)
X Necessary information.
(X) Information as applicable.


10.2.5 Guidelines for the preparation of records are provided in Annex F for drilled micropiles and in Annex G for driven micropiles.

10.3 Records for micropile tests

10.3.1 Recording requirements for static load tests and the format of the load test report shall be in accordance with EN 1997–1.

10.3.2 Records of dynamic load tests and integrity tests shall provide:

  • a) the reasons of the testing;
  • b) the test records;
  • c) the conclusions of the tests.

EN 14199:2005 Execution of special geotechnical works — Micropiles