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3 Terms and definitions

For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.


auger installation method

fr: installation à la tarière

de: Schneckeneinbauverfahren

installation method of sand drains by means of screw type auger or continuous flight hollow stem auger


band drain1)

fr: drain plat

de: Streifendrän

prefabricated drain with a rectangular cross-section, usually consisting of a central core with a channel system surrounded by a filter sleeve


cylindrical prefabricated drain

fr: drain tubulaire

de: zylindrischer Drän

drain consisting of an annular-corrugated and perforated open core, surrounded by a filter sock


discharge capacity qw

fr: capacité de décharge

de: Durchflusskapazität

discharge capacity of a drain well is equal to the cross-sectional area of the drain multiplied by its overall permeability in longitudinal direction (the volume of water which flows out of the drain per time unit under a hydraulic gradient equal to unity)


displacement installation method

fr: installation par fonçage refoulant

de: Verdrängungseinbauverfahren

installation method of drains by means of a closed-end steel tube/mandrel


drain anchor

fr: sabot d’ancrage

de: Dränschuh

anchor fixed at the end of band drains before installation and which prevents soil from intruding into the mandrel during installation and the band drain from being dragged up when the mandrel is withdrawn


drainage blanket

fr: tapis drainant

de: Drändecke

upper high-permeability drainage layer, which has good contact with the drains and prevents the creation of backpressure in the drains


dynamic installation method

fr: méthode d’installation par battage ou vibrofonçage

de: dynamische Dräneinbauweise

drain installation method using dynamic action (impact or vibratory hammer)


geotextile enclosed sand drain

fr: drains de sable dans une gaine de géotextile

de: geotextilumschlossener Sanddrän

sand drains enclosed in some type of filter fabric made of geotextile


jet installation method

fr: méthode d´installation par lançage

de: Einbau mittels Hochdruckinjektion

installation method of sand drains by means of internal jetting or rotary jet


sand drain

fr: drain de sable

de: Sanddrän

drain with circular cross-section, built up of granular material (sand, gravel) with high permeability


static installation method

fr: méthode d´installation par fonçage

de: statisches Einbauverfahren

drain installation method by means of static load (pushing)


vibro installation method

fr: méthode d´installation par vibrofonçage

de: Vibrationseinbauverfahren

installation method of sand drains by means of a top vibrator mounted on a hollow mandrel or by a depth vibrator


working platform

fr: plateforme de travail

de: Arbeitsebene

platform created for access of the drain installation machines to the location of the vertical drains

EN 15237:2007 Execution of special geotechnical works — Vertical drainage