EN 1536:1999 Execution of special geotechnical work – Bored piles

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BS EN 1536:2000
Execution of special geotechnical work. Bored piles
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EN 1536:1999
This European Standard establishes general principles for the construction of piles which are formed in the ground by excavation and which contain a structural member to transfer loads and or limit deformations.
This European Standard covers piles with circular shape and piles with barrette shape, provided the section is concreted in a single operation.
The barrette shapes covered are rectangular, T- or L shaped in plan or any other similar configuration.
This European Standard covers piles with: uniform cross-section (straight shaft); telescopically changing shaft dimensions; excavated base enlargements; or excavated shaft enlargements.
Piles, Foundations, Structural systems, Piling, Circular shape, Metal sections, Construction operations, Pile driving, Soil mechanics, Site investigations, Concretes, Grouting, Portland cement, Blast-furnace cement, Cements, Aggregates, Bentonite, Polymers, Steels, Design, Tolerances (measurement), Excavating, Excavations, Boring, Reinforcement, Loading, Records (documents)
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Execution des travaux geotechniques speciaux. Pieux fores
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Ausfuehrung spezieller geotechnischer Arbeiten (Spezialtiefbau). Bohrpfaehle
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