Annex C


Guidelines for acceptance criteria for viscous corrosion protection compounds and examples of standards for the testing of material properties

Table C.1 — Acceptance criteria for viscous corrosion protection compounds
Property Units
Acceptance values
Content of free sulphur, sulphates and sulphides ppm ≤ 50
Content of ionic chlorides, nitrites, nitrates, rhodanites ppm ≤ 50
Spec. resistivity Ω*cm ≥109
Water absorption 0,1N KOH, after 30 days % ≤ 2
Saponification (acidity) mg KOH/gm ≤ 5
Deoiling on filter paper at 50 °C, 24 h: dia. of oil spot. dia. mm ≤ 5
Penetration depth in deoiling test on hardened cement grout 5mm thick at 50 °C after 7 days mm ≤ 2
Thermal stability, 24 h No oil droplet at sieve for temperature increase of 10 °C every 2 h. °C
Occurrence of oil droplets
≥ 40
Drop point °C ≥ 60
Protection against rust - Marine fog: 5 % NaCI - 168 h at 35 °C visual Zero corrosion
Bleeding at 40 °C % ≤ 5


Examples of standards for the testing of materials are:

DIN 51759 Prüfung von flüssigen Mineralölerzeugnissen; Prüfung der Korrosionswirkung auf Kupfer; Kupferstreifen prüfung. (Testing of liquid mineral oil products; testing of corrosion related to copper; copper strip method).

DIN 51576 Prüfung von Mineralöl-Kohlenwasserstoffen; Bestimmung des Salzgehaltes. (Testing of mineral oil hydrocarbons: determination of salt content).

DIN 53483 Prüfung von Isolierstoffen; Bestimmung der elektrischen Eigenschaften: Teil 1, 2, 3. (Testing of insulating materials: determination of the di-electrical properties: part 1,2,3).

DIN 53495 Prüfung von Kunssttoffen; Bestimmung der Wasseraufnahme. (Testing of plastics; determination of the water absorption).

DIN 53401 Bestimmung der Verseifungszahl. (Test method for the determination of the saponification number).

DIN 51801 Bestimmung des Tropfpunktes: Ubbelohde-Verfahren für bituminöse Bindemittel. (Test method for the determination of the drop point: Ubbelohde method for bitumen).

ASTM D-130-88 Method for detection of copper corrosion from petroleum products by the copper strip tarnish test.

ASTM D-94-89 Test method for saponification no. of petroleum products. ASTM D-512-89 Test methods for chloride ion in water.

EN 1537:1999 Execution of special geotechnical works – Ground anchors