1 Scope

This standard is applicable to the installation, testing and monitoring of permanent and temporary ground anchors where the load capacity is tested. An anchor consists of an anchor head, A free anchor length and a fixed anchor length which is bonded to the ground by grout. The term "ground" is taken to encompass both soil and rock.

The planning and design of ground anchors calls for experience and knowledge in this specialized field and although these topics are covered briefly in ENV 1997-1 Eurocode 7: Geotechnical Design, Part 1: General Rules a more detailed treatment of the design of ground anchors is included in an annex to this standard.

The installation and testing phases require skilled and qualified labour and supervision. This standard cannot replace the knowledge of specialist personnel and the expertise of experienced contractors required to apply the standard.

This standard does not address alternative systems of anchoring such as tension piles, screw anchors, mechanical anchors, soil nails, expander anchors or deadman anchors.

The standard establishes and defines principles with regard to anchor technology. Where anchor systems do not comply with the principles defined in the text, flexibility in the use of these systems is offered by written acceptance of the Client's Technical Representative.

2 Normative references

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Exceptionally the list of normative references contains European Pre-standards which are at the draft stage. If any of these documents becomes a European Standard the reference shall be checked.

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