ISO 13793-2001

Thermal performance of buildings

Thermal design of foundations to avoid frost heave

Standard Number BS EN ISO 13793:2001
Title Thermal performance of buildings. Thermal design of foundations to avoid frost heave
Publication Date 15 May 2001
International Relationships EN ISO 13793:2001, ISO 13793:2001
Descriptors Buildings, Foundations, Thermal behaviour of structures, Thermal design of buildings, Ground movement, Climatic protection, Frost, Frost resistance, Thermal insulation, Thermal resistance, Slab floors, Suspended floors, Construction systems parts, Structural systems
Title in French Performance thermique des batiments. Conception thermique des fondations pour eviter les poussees dues au gel
Title in German Waermetechnisches Verhalten von Gebaeuden. Waermetechnische Bemessung von Gebaeudegruendungen zur Vermeidung von Frosthebung
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