ISO 22476-5:2012 Geotechnical investigation and testing Field testing — Part 5: Flexible dilatometer test

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BS EN ISO 22476-5:2012
Geotechnical investigation and testing. Field testing. Flexible dilatometer test
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EN ISO 22476-5:2012, ISO 22476-5:2012
This part of ISO 22476 specifies the equipment requirements, execution of and reporting on flexible dilatometer tests. NOTE This part of ISO 22476 fulfils the requirements for flexible dilatometer tests as part of geotechnical investigation and testing according to EN 1997-1 [1] and EN 1997-2 [2]. This part of ISO 22476 is applicable to tests in ground stiff enough not to be adversely affected by the drilling operation. This part of ISO 22476 is applicable to four procedures for conducting a test with the flexible dilatometer. This part of ISO 22476 applies to tests performed up to 1 800 m depth. Testing can be conducted either on land or off-shore.
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Title in French
Reconnaissance et essais géotechniques. Essais en place. Essai au dilatomètre flexible
Title in German
Geotechnische Erkundung und Untersuchung. Felduntersuchungen. Versuch mit dem flexiblen Dilatometer