7 Test report

7.1 General

In the presentation of test results, the information should be easily accessible, for example in tables or as a standard archive scheme. Presentation in digital form is permissible for easier data-exchange.

7.2 Reporting of test results

7.2.1 to 7.2.5 indicate which information shall be in

  • the field record of test results;
  • the test report;
  • every table and every plot of test results.

The field report, completed at the project site, and the test report shall include the information given here. The test results shall be reported to enable a third party to check and understand the results.

Particulars observed during the test or deviations from this part of ISO 22476 which can affect the results of the measurements shall be recorded and reported.

All dilatometer tests shall be analysed and reported in a manner permitting their verification by a third person.

7.2.1 General information Field report Test report Every plot
1.a Reference to this part of ISO 22476 and to ISO 22475-1 ×
1.b Company executing the test × × ×
1.c Name and signature of the equipment operator executing the test ×
1.d Name and signature of the field manager responsible for the project ×
1.e Depth to the groundwater table (if recorded) and date and time of recording × ×
1.f Description of the material cuttings according to ISO 14688-1 and ISO 14689-1 × ×
1.9 Type and composition of any medium used to support the borehole wall × ×
1.h Depth and possible causes of any stoppages in the dilatometer testing × ×
1.i Stop criteria applied, i.e. target pressure, maximum pressure, maximum diameter × ×
1.j Observations during the test, for example drops of pressure, diameter or volume, incidents, changes in zero/reference readings, etc. × ×
1.k Borehole back-filled according to ISO 22475-1 ×
7.2.2 Location of the test Field report Test report Every plot
2.a Test No. × × ×
2.b Depth of test × ×
2.c Local or general coordinates × ×
2.d Coordinate reference system and tolerances ×
2.e Elevation of ground surface referred to a stated datum × ×
7.2.3 Test equipment Field report Test report Every plot
3.a Dilatometer type × ×
3.b Geometry and dimensions × ×
3.c Description of the drilling and sampling works according to ISO 22475-1 ×
3.d Identification of dilatometer × × ×
3.e Measuring ranges of the sensors ×
3.f Date of last calibration of the sensors (recommended) ×
3.g If applicable (variant B dilatometer), inside diameter, wall thickness and material of the calibration cylinder. ×
7.2.4 Test procedure Field report Test report Every plot
4.a Test type (A, B, C, D or deviation) x ×
4.b Test specifications × ×
4.c Method of test control (pressure controlled or displacement controlled) × ×
4.d Date of the test × × ×
4.e Starting time of the test × ×
4.f Clock time of the events during the test × ×
4.g Depth of the dilatometer test, measured to the centre of the expanding length × × ×
4.h Fluid (water or drilling mud) level in the borehole × ×
7.2.5 Measured and calculated parameters Field report Test report Every plot
5.a Applied pressures and pocket diameter with time × ×
5.b Zero and/or reference readings of pressure, and diameter before and after the test × ×
5.c Zero drift (in engineering units) ×
5.d Corrections applied during data processing (e.g. drifts, system compliance, etc.) ×
5.e Calibration data for system compliance and membrane stiffness × ×
5.f Flexible dilatometer moduli and the methods used to obtain them ×
5.g Applied pressures and pocket diameter with time × ×

7.3 Choice of axis scaling

All graphical results shall be presented at a scale which results in the graph sensibly filling the space on the paper.

7.4 Presentation of test results

Presentation of the results of a flexible dilatometer test shall include data according to 7.2:

  • a) specifications of the displacement and pressure measuring systems (type, manufacturer, serial number);
  • b) specifications of the flexible dilatometer (type, manufacturer, serial number);
  • c) table and graphs of applied pressures pr versus pocket diameter dr;
  • d) table of all moduli calculated from the test results;
  • e) table and graphs of corrected pressure p versus corrected pocket diameter d (Figures 4.7);
  • f) plot of the corrected pressure p as a function of time t (time-load diagram).

ISO 22476-5:2012 Field testing — Part 5: Flexible dilatometer test