PAS 128:2014 Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location

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PAS 128:2014
Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location
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The accurate detection, identification, verification and location of utility assets have always been difficult tasks, subject to interpretation and inaccuracies. Not having sufficient or reliable information leads to: - risk to the safety of workers and to the public; -abortive and unnecessary work; -damage to third party assets; - inefficient design solutions. Accurate utility data could also afford the opportunity for as yet unrealized benefits, such as the use of remote robotic techniques to maintain asset networks in busy highways in future to reduce the need for intrusive maintenance practices (road excavations). Similarly, accurate mapping of utility networks could improve asset modelling capabilities with more determined outcomes. The purpose of this PAS is to set out clear and unambiguous provisions to those engaged in the detection, verification and location of active, abandoned, redundant or unknown utilities.
Underground, Verification, Planning, Quality, Underground structures, Manholes, Surfaces, Data, Classification systems, Pipes, Electric cables
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